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Keeping our view on the goal: Maharishi’s vision for India and the world


Keeping our eyes on the goal

Highlights: Maharishi’s vision for India and the World

Summary of key highlights from our recent Open Yagya Day
Dr Eike Hartmann • Raja Harris • Dr Bevan Morris
  Dear cherished donors and supporters

This is our last Yagya cycle of 2021 that ends as the year ends! On the last evening of each year for more than 50 years Maharishi traditionally went into deep silence for 7 days.

At this time in the world when the media noisily highlights intense diversity, turbulence, contradictions, and challenges, it is good to return to basics. A balanced Vedic lifestyle, with regular rest, activity, and meditation allows for more effective action. A perfect time to pause, take quiet reflection and be reassured by all the good that is being achieved. It is calming to be reminded again of Maharishi’s beautiful plans to help the world, and how, together, we are unfolding them.

This is an important newsletter that briefly and easily refreshes our vision. A powerful summary of the recent Open Yagya day presentations. The link to the archive/summary page with all the videos is at the end of the letter.
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 Dr Eike Hartmann: Maharishi Vastu planning for India and the world
Dr Eike gave a stunning visual summary of Maharishi’s Vastu planning for India.

• Plans and construction of various Vedic pandit residences along with Yagya mandaps including the landscaping of lakes, gardens, and fountains.
• Facilities such as for the 12 Jyotir Lingas and the 48 Brahmananda Saraswati Nagars to represent all nations of the world.
• Most importantly the Brahmasthan: Maharishi envisioned a Vedic layout in terms of the four Vedas: Rik, Sama, Yajur and Atharva. A large garden square filled with 1000 mandaps, where every day Vedpath will be recited.
• Maharishi Ashram at Prayag Raj is now being rebuilt with more ideal Pandit residences with meditation, Yogic flying halls, and integrated dining facilities.
• Dr Eike appreciated: ‘A great joy to see how many buildings and facilities have come up according to Maharishi’s Master Plan, especially in the Brahmasthan. New construction is taking place all the time, new residences and Yagya Shalas are being built, new roads and expert landscaping with gardens and mandaps are being implemented for pandits, visitors and everyone. Like this, Raja Harris has constant attention to improve the living conditions, quality of life, health and happiness of the Maharishi Vedic Pandits all over India.’
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 Raja Harris Kaplan: Maharishi’s beautiful plans for India unfoldingRaja Harris:
Maharishi had guided the world that Yoga and Yagya performed daily by large groups of Vedic Pandits throughout India is the only way to create peace on earth.

What have we achieved towards steadily fulfilling the goals?

Brahmananda Saraswati Nagars – 8 built so far – plus many other centres.
Thanks to our Movement donors this unbelievable progress has been made
• Paid off the huge Brahmasthan construction Debts from 2008 (81 contractors)
• Growing the BST/F Endowment Fund as per Maharishi’s last request
• 10-year anniversary of the Monthly Donor National/Special Yagya Programme with Ambassadors
• Launch and success of the Maharishi Veda App
• Brahmasthan Pandit numbers doubled (since 2008 when averaging 700 to 800) until pre-lockdown
• All around India increase from those in 2008 to reach an average of 4,000 Pandits (including Brahmasthan) until pre-lockdown

Current facilities and Pandits around India
• Construction of 5 Brahmananda Saraswati Nagars • Prayag Raj 500 Pandits (3 new large buildings) • Ayodhya 200 Pandits • Vishwanath Charyali 200 Pandits • Omkareshwar 200 Pandits • Bhopal 150 Pandits • Ghushmeshwar land is bought
Yagyas currently performed for the World
• Atirudrabhishek, National and Special Yagyas for over 90 nations, LakshChandi, and AdbhutShanti Yagyas. Large Daily Specific Yagyas for Devatas, Day of the Week, and Grahas
Brahmasthan development and constant focus on maintenance
• Additional major housing for 500 Pandits (large donors and from countries)
• Bijauri guest campus buildings and the Raja Campus
• 5 new proper Adbhutshanti Yagya haven mandaps
• New kitchens and dining facilities, organic grain, dhal, and vegetable gardens, sitting gardens, power generators, AC in main halls, paving of all roads, planting of thousands of trees, etc.
• Organic farming for grains, dhals, vegetables, and the remarkable milk cow dairy

What more are we aiming for?
Our unwavering attention all these years is to continually upgrade the quality of Pandit life:
• Focus on the quality of meditation and TM-Sidhis for Maharishi Vedic Pandits plus their Maharishi Vedic Science courses
• Improving residential facilities, organic food, and daily needs
• Always place high priority on ideal Yagya performances
• Increase our support to help increase dakshinas, and benefits in their lives
Increase the number of Maharishi Vedic Pandits throughout India
• In 18 locations including feeder / training centres
Increase Brahmasthan numbers – active steps to reach the goal
• Bringing back more fully trained Maharishi Vedic Pandits, increasing young Pandits in training (200 more Pandits moved to Brahmasthan in first week of December!)
• Steps: 1. Stabilize the current 1,500 Pandits 2. Build up a stable 3,500 Pandits 3. Reach a stable goal of 9,000 Pandits

The world is going to become a better place
We honour Maharishi’s instructions to build up the BST Endowment as a Reserve Fund for all times to come. Our daily focus together with our Indian leaders and campus managers is essential. In recent years despite lockdown restrictions such as group limitations, no construction workers permitted, and the government issuing new legal and banking criteria, we always find proper solutions and move forward.

And so I thank everyone for continuing to support the Pandits today. And in doing that, making sure that we can continue to grow and develop the programme and create a really beautiful, bright, shining tomorrow. Jai Guru Dev.

Interviewer, Susie Swan
Thank you, Raja Harris. And now thankfully, with the lockdown softened, the work continues. Contractors are in, workers are there, and throughout the Pandits are taken care of with maximum concern for their evolution, and absolute adherence to Maharishi’s vision
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Dr Bevan Morris: Maharishi creating Heaven on Earth
In 1988 Maharishi summarized all the work he was doing to create Heaven on Earth in a book called Maharishi’s Master Plan to Create Heaven on Earth – Reconstruction of the World. It has a beautiful chart showing the reconstruction of the whole world.

Some key examples:
• Maharishi Vedic agriculture to grow healthy enlightenment-creating food for the world.
• Good schools, clinics, and housing, built according to Vastu. 
• Consciousness-based education, to bring the fruit of all knowledge to every child growing up in the world.
• Festivals and music for world peace, to play Maharishi Gandharva Veda music.
• Groups of Yogic Flying Vedic Pandits, to create an era that blesses and supports the life of every single person on earth
• Ideal prevention-oriented government that utilizes the power of groups of Yogic Flyers and the Maharishi Vedic Pandits, performing Maharishi Yagyas.
• So that it’s the responsibility of our generation, implementing the programmes that we’ve heard about from Raja Harris, Raja of invincible India, and Dr. Eike Hartman, the Minister of Architecture, for the Global Country of World Peace.
• The key points for global coherence, global invincibility, and peace are laid out with the ultimate plan to house over 290,000 Maharishi Vedic Pandits.
• Heaven on Earth means all good to everyone, non-good to no-one anywhere on Earth.

This is Maharishi’s kind patronage of the whole human race. And India is that nation with that tradition of the Vedic families, the ‘Vedics’ as Maharishi called them. So India is key in every way.

Interviewer: Susie Swan
Thank you dear Dr. Bevan Morris. It’s together, together… in prevention of any loss of unity, it is the togetherness, the Kavach, under the leadership that Maharishi has so beautifully selected, that we move forward to fulfil this!
 To view the archived videos of these talks go to VedicPandits.org
or directly to archive/summary page HERE
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thank you!
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