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La practica de MT mejora tu salud física y mental

The 5 Prana Vayus and Yoga Asanas

Maharishi Yoga Asana Course for those who practice Transcendental Meditation.

  1. Transcendental Meditation heals the Soul or the Self the core of human life and therefore the eight spheres of life
  2. Hatha Yoga heals the body primarily and hence the eight spheres of life
  3. The eight spheres of life are  Environment and Society, Personality, Physical body, Breathing, the Relation between the senses and the objets of them, the Relation between the mind and the senses, the Relation between the self and the mind, the Being.
  4. Hatha Yoga was brought to light by the sages because transcending was hindered by stress in the physical body.
  5.  They knew the stages of Atman manifestation of the  physical body in detail.
  6. They knew the principles of Ayurveda. Among them that  Vayu, or Vata is the leading energye  that is the director of the 3 doshas fundamental blocks of physiology, and Vayu governs all the body activity
  7. Hatha Yoga promotes a mind-body coordination bu handling the Vayus or energies.  Postures direct the energies of the body  that controls the operation of one or more organs is practiced. Essentially Hatha Yoga controls Prana Maya Kosha, the body of energy .
  8. Yoga Asanas Handle energy, the more subtle  level of the phyliology and thus has effects of improving physical health and through it the eight areas of life.
  9. Different people need more or less time on asanas and specific postures. Depending on the state of health, age and activity.
  10. Vigorous sport is good for some people, others benefit more from aerobic type of exercise, and Asanas are convenient for everyone.
  11. Sidhas that have practiced asanas regularly for years will greatly benefit from this course, because they will handle subtler aspects of the postures . They will notice a clear improvement in mental and Physical wellbeing and Meditation experiences.

The Five  Prana Vayus

The essence of hatha yoga is more than just flexibility or strength in postures; it is the management of prana, the vital life force that animates all levels of being. Prana enables the body to move and the mind to think. It is the intelligence that coordinates our senses, and the perceptible manifestation of our higher selves. By becoming more attentive to prana—and enhancing and directing its flow through the practices of hatha yoga—we can invigorate the body and mind, develop an expanded inner awareness, and open the door to higher states of consciousness.

The yoga tradition describes five movements or functions of prana known as the vayus (literally “winds”)—prana vayu (not to be confused with the undivided master prana), apana vayu, samana vayu, udana vayu, and vyana vayu. These five vayus govern different areas of the body and different physical and subtle activities. When they’re functioning harmoniously, they assure the health and vitality of the body and mind, allowing us to enjoy our unique talents and live life with meaning and purpose.

A Quick Look at the Five Vayus
Our life force, prana, divides itself into five vayus, each governing different functions and aspects of being.

Vayu Area of Body Function 
Prana Chest, head Governs intake, inspiration, propulsion, forward momentum
Apana Pelvis Governs elimination, downward and outward movement
Samana Navel Governs assimilation, discernment, inner absorption, consolidation


Throat Governs growth, speech, expression, ascension, upward movement
Vyana Whole body Governs circulation on all levels, expansiveness, pervasiveness



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